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Goji - The Himalayan Health Secret

Goji Berry Tree

What is known as the goji berry tree is actually a very large Asian shrub that can grow up to 10 feet. The goji is very versatile and can resemble a tree, be pruned to a smaller height and be more like a bush, or can crawl in tendrils in the form of a vine.

The fruit of the goji berry tree has been valued for centuries for its amazing health benefits. Although many of these claims are the stuff of legend, there are many consumers today who enjoy the beneficial effects of goji.

The goji berry tree is a native of the Himalayas, and the best varieties of goji are from here, although it is difficult to mass produce Himalayan goji. There are many varieties of the goji berry tree found in Western China, Mongolia, and there are over 40 kinds in Tibet. The highest quality goji berry tree yield fruit rich in polysaccharides, which are the active ingredients that facilitate communication between cells. The fruit is then analyzed for quality before it is made into juice and other goji products.

The goji berry tree is quite hardy. It grows from a very small seed, about the size of a tomato seed, and can tolerate all kinds of soils. However, better soils produce better quality fruit, not only in color and taste, but in nutritional value. The goji berry tree is drought resistant, although it does not tolerate tropical climates well.

According to ancient legend, a goji berry tree once grew over a well and its unpicked ripe fruit kept falling into the well. Those who drank water from that well were said to live to an old age, without losing their teeth or losing their hair. Although those claims are a bit extravagant by today’s standards, many people feel better after drinking goji juice every day for a few weeks, and the goji plant is rapidly growing in popularity.